ManageHRD was started by professionals who have worked in leading corporate’s globally.  We aim to assist and complement companies in their efforts in HRD services by bringing together the leading global companies and professional resources.


The methodology and process adopted by ManageHRD to assist companies revolves around a structured cost free program whereby ManageHRD professional sit across discuss & evaluate the organisation’s needs and gaps.

ManageHRD is a collaborator between resources and organisation which enables organisations to achieve their objectives at the lowest cost parameter.


ManageHRD strives to look beyond the boundaries of competition by being quality centric in Human Resource Development and offer Indian and International organisations with premium innovative quality solutions for its diversified market.

ManageHRD has adopted a methodology and process to select the best professionals who are then given assignments which complements their expertise and competency with the needs of the organisation wanting ManageHRD’s direction.